Lingualmatrix Advantages

    Why Lingualmatrix??
    Lingualmatrix has revolutionizd the way of treating lingual patients, and also evolved the concept of straight wire lingual appliance.

    Lingualmatrix tchnology uses state of the art 3D scanning process, and rapid prototyping technology to manufacture a precise one-piec 3D mtal bracket, which perfectly fits onto the tooth surface thus enable orthodontist to directly bond and rebond brackets onto the tooth surface and use straight wire as a ideal choice of wire for various stages of treatment mechanics.

    Lingualmatrix is one of the 1st cad/cam based customized bracket system which is conceptualized and developed in India.

    With th advnt of Lingualmatrix, the frequent problem of debonding, problem of loose and lost bracket has been resolved.

    What is the the advantage of Lingualmatrix ovr othr manual technique like HIRO, TARG,LBG ??
    Lingual matrix has many advantags as compare to the any availabl manual technique used to customizd base :

    1. Th manual technique uses composite material for customizing base hence enhance the chances of debonding at various interface.

    2. We can't use different of bracket shape and form in manual technique.

    3. The thickness of bracket is invariably more in manual technique.

    4. Once the resin customized brackets [manual] debonds you need to again customize the bracket in manual setup while in lingualmatrix you can just sandblast and use the same bracket [direct bonding].

    5. Any case of lost bracket, in manual technique you need to buy a entire set of bracket while lingualmatrix can manufacture a single bracket and send it across.

    6. In manual technique we can't add or delete hooks, bite planes as per requirement, while lingualmatrix offer the versatility of using hooks or biteplanes.

    What type of arch form can I use with Lingualmatrix??
    Lingualmatrix uses th concept of preformed straight wire thus resolving th issue related to bencding of wire and making life easy for orthodontist.

    How lingualmatrix benefit the patient in comparison with manual technique??
    Lingualmatrix has one of the smallest bracket head design with round surface thus enhance the comfort to the patient.

    The bonding base is large enough so there is less incidence of debonding. WIth lingualmatrix you can bond the rotated teeth in early stage of treatment as the lingualmatrix technology can provide off-center base for early bonding whcih hasten the treatment.

    Lingualmatrix places the barcket more gingivally, so there is less interference on biting and less opening of bite.

    How beneficial lingualmatrix is for the working Orthodontist??
    Orthodontist need not worry of missing or loose bracket, as thy can use the same bracket for re-bonding without customizing it in th laboratory.

    The Arch form is straight so there is no need to bend the wire thus reduced the chair side time.

    The same bracket can be reuse by the orthodontist in case there is relapse after debonding.


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