Salient Features
LMX – Benefits

  • LINGUALMATRIX offers on of the most economical CAD/CAM based customized bracket in the world.
  • A single piece 3D lingual bracket system with customized base.
  • A State of the art manufacturing process from virtual setup to lasr sintered 3D barckets.
  • Choice of using straight arch to mushroom shapd archwire - as per the demand from orthodontists.
  • Horizontal slot opening for better bio-mechanical control.
  • Add or delete hooks on brackets as per your requirement.
  • No need to worry about missing / lost bracket - LINGUALMATRIX can reprint your bracket at any point of time with prescription.
  • Ease of re-bonding due to single piece metal bracket.
  • LASER etched marketing system for easy indentification.
  • Versatility of using different forms, features and sizes of brackets as pr the occlusion and requirement of the case.

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