Single slot bracket head

  • A single piece customised 3-D bracket.
  • A very small and comfortable head.
  • Horizontal slot of 018 X 025 dimensions.
  • It made using state of art metal laser sintering also called DMLT (direct metal laser sintering technique).
  • A precise slot with a 40 micron accuracy (independent studies have been carried out with similar results).
  • CE certified chrome cobalt alloy used, to manufacture small comfortable robust heads.
  • The highly polished surfaces of the bracket heads are coated with FDA approved (food grade) BALINIT A, which is a 4 micron titanium nitride coating to improve the surface finish and reduce friction.
  • The bracket head is customisable with hooks (you can ask for hooks on any or all of the bracket heads)
  • You can choose between a bracket or a tube on molars.
The versatile feature with precision technology makes the appliance system highly predictable with dependable treatment outcomes.


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